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Two Good Forgivers

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There is a beautiful loneliness built into the landscape of the Colorado plains. It inspires and breeds a sense of country into a man. Open ground and isolation are two of the keys to country music and they have led the new up-and-coming singer/songwriter, Johnny Day, into the makings of a brilliant career. 

Born into the new generation of country in the Northeastern corner of Colorado, Johnny taught himself the guitar after being mesmerized with what Brad Paisley could do. His passion for old country sounds of his father’s FM radio has given his new country roots a grounded base in the old school resonance. 

Betrayal from an early relationship only caused more loneliness in Johnny’s young life, and that led to a pure focus on music. But, music brings life and as an artist development deal finally brought him musical success, it also brought him his beautiful wife and the daughter she brought with her. Struggling between artist and provider, Johnny moved his family to Tennessee, but kept the well-paying oil field job on the plains of Northeastern Colorado.  

Continually pulled in different directions, from the isolation of the road, to the perfect symphony of his family life at home, from the music that drives his soul, to being the husband and father that completed his heart, it comes across in every chord and lyric of his upcoming EP.

Johnny is a seasoned entertainer and has performed at some of the premier venues in Colorado: Comfort Dental Amphitheater (Fiddler’s Green), The Budweiser Event Center, The Mishawaka Amphitheater, and The Thunder Mountain Amphitheater.

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